Over 200,000 children to be vaccinated against polio in Angola

13 Juli 2019
Source: Government of Angola
Country: Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Three-day vaccination campaign starts in the province of Lunda Norte to stop the spread of the epidemic from neighbourhood Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Cambulo – At least 205,688 children between the ages of zero and five, out of the ten municipalities that make up the province of Lunda Norte, will be vaccinated as of today (Friday), during a three-day vaccination campaign against polio.

For the success of the campaign, whose launch took place in the municipality of Cambulo, directed by the deputy governor for the Social, Political and Economic sector, Deolinda Vilarinho, there have been made available 242,612 doses of vaccines and involving over a thousand people, between vaccinators, supervisors, municipal and provincial coordinators.

The campaign, which is in the second phase, comes due to a case diagnosed on one of the borders with the Democratic Republic of Congo.