UN calls for more support as aid agencies are forced to leave Ukraine due to lack of funding

19 Agustus 2019
Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, UN Country Team in Ukraine
Country: Ukraine
Humanitarian organisations are now urgently appealing for US$52 million, to address time-critical needs for the remainder of 2019. Less than 30% of funds requested have been mobilized.

(Kyiv, 19 August 2019) On World Humanitarian Day, the United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Ukraine, Ms. Osnat Lubrani, appeals to donors to strengthen their financial support for millions of civilians in the east. ‘We are thankful to donors for their support to our operations. Over 650,000 people received aid and protection so far this year. However, a lack of funds continues to deprive millions of people from much-needed aid,’ said Ms. Lubrani, noting that less than 30 per cent of funds initially requested for 2019 have been mobilized for humanitarian operations so far this year. ‘Funding shortages led to the suspension of water trucking for some 20,000 people, and the discontinuation of food assistance for nearly 30,000 of the most vulnerable. Six humanitarian organisations have had to terminate their programmes in the last two years due to an absence of funds,’ noted Ms. Lubrani.

Humanitarian organisations are now urgently appealing for US$52 million, to address time-critical needs for the remainder of 2019. ‘We are fast approaching winter, which exacerbates people’s vulnerability. There are certain humanitarian needs that simply cannot go unmet,’ stressed Ms.

If funds are mobilised quickly, thousands of children in more than 30 schools will be able to continue learning in a safe environment; over 25,000 people will receive essential food parcels, and some 30,000 families living in damaged homes will receive coal and other winterisation support. If funds are mobilized, water will be made available to thousands of families, and humanitarian projects will bring healthcare services to over 80,000 people. ‘There is no better time than World Humanitarian Day to remind parties to the conflict to do all in their power to ease the hardship faced by civilians, by improving access to pensions, facilitating freedom of movement, and limiting civilian casualties and damage to essential infrastructure,’ concludes Ms. Lubrani.
World Humanitarian Day is commemorated annually on 19 August. It is a way to recognize the lifesaving work undertaken by humanitarian organisations around the world, and to advocate for protection and assistance to the 132 million people who are globally affected by humanitarian crises.


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