Trump v. Biden: What Might the Next Four Years Look Like?

28 Oktober 2020

Quickly approaching November 3, 2020, we are in the final days of what is expected to be a contentious and consequential presidential election in the United States. With the whirlwind news cycles at the end of the campaign season, it can be difficult to sift through and focus on the candidate policy proposals that may be most impactful to businesses. To that end, the K&L Gates Public Policy and Law practice group has assembled a chart broadly outlining where the candidates stand on issues most watched by Main Street and Wall Street.

What is clear is that the candidates are offering different visions for the United States. President Donald J. Trump is expected to continue much of his current policy agenda, such as a focus on deregulation, trade, taxes, and U.S.-China relations. Former Vice President Joe Biden’s proposed policy agenda would focus on providing additional COVID-19 relief, advancing infrastructure, and investing in sustainable energy and technology.

Click here to view our comparative chart of the two presidential candidates.