Fitness, Fundraising and Friendship for Prostate Cancer

31 Maret 2021

By Syed Neaz Ahmad FRSA
LONDON, Mar 30 2021 (IPS-Partners)

Over the Pandemic months, most activities – social, cultural, economic & philanthropic have been hit hard. The worst-hit has been patients suffering from serious diseases. Most have shied away from visiting their doctors and referral fell by 52,000 due to Covid-19. However, as they say, life goes on, and in this case, death goes on too.

Prostate Cancer UK – a charity exclusive to the disease – report that despite awareness and development in technology – every 45 minutes a man dies of this dreaded disease. It is the ‘most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UK’. In addition, Covid-19 has not made things life easier for prostate cancer patients.

“Hard times show”, says Prostate Cancer UK, “what people stand for. When the future is uncertain and the choices are tough, we stand for men with prostate cancer.” Last January despite all odds they raised some £2.2 million.

‘March the Month’ campaign has motivated some 5,000 persons – who walked 11,000 steps a day to raise funds for awareness, research & treatment of this scourge of a disease.

Experts say that prostate cancer ‘begins when cells in the prostate develop changes in their DNA’. The Mayo Clinic elaborates: ‘Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. It grows slowly and is confined to the prostate gland, where it may not cause serious harm.’ Some grow slowly and need minimal or no treatment while other types are aggressive and can spread quickly.

My personal motivation is that two of my elder brothers suffered from complications of this very common cancer among men. In many developing countries there is a lack of awareness about prostate cancer.

Charities strongly recommend that “Men should be educated about prostate cancer, should know their options for early detection, and should have the access to the tests available. “Experts say “the secret lies in early detection and access to PSA testing.”

Stepping out during ‘March the Month’ was very welcome for me as it provided the much-needed opportunity to be out & about in the fresh air. Launching my charity walk at NTV Europe Studios in South Woodford CEO Subrina Hossain said: “It’s a laudable step and NTV Europe being a part of the community stands behind this fund-raising ‘March the Month’ walkathon.”

Walking 11,000 steps a day (some 4.5 miles) at Norbury Park created awareness for the cause and visits of former Mayor of the Croydon Council Humayun Kabir, Deputy Mayor Sherwan Chowdhury, and Nasar Ali President of British Bangladeshi Society of Croydon who visited the Park to encourage & support the cause helped raise funds.

Prominent among those who have generously contributed to my walkathon are British journalists, medical professionals & campaigners, academics & businessmen. IPS – an international media organization, as usual, has supported this humanitarian cause.

‘March the Month’ campaign ends on Wednesday 31st March and it is expected that it’s going to be very successful because of the freak good weather. “We are investing millions to find research to transform the way prostate cancer is understood, diagnosed & treated.”

Cancer experts say that an exciting prostate cancer vaccine is in the early stages of development. “Harnessing the immune system could offer a way to stop prostate cancer and the research is creating the technology to do it.”

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