K&L Gates Launches Expanded Guidebook on Doing Business in the United States

14 Juli 2021

Global law firm K&L Gates LLP has launched an updated and expanded Doing Business in the United States Guidebook that identifies and discusses the legal and regulatory issues commonly faced by non-U.S. companies commencing operations in the United States. The 17-chapter, 147-page resource also serves as a helpful checklist and monitoring device for companies already operating in the United States or considering expansion of those operations.

Authored by more than 20 lawyers across various practice areas and offices, the comprehensive guidebook is intended to assist companies new to (or still discovering) the United States in a wide range of areas, including a new chapter on privacy and data protection, in addition to such other topics as:

  • Operations in the United States
  • Entity selection
  • Corporation formation and operation
  • Limited liability company formation and operation
  • Taxation of U.S. operations
  • Regulation of non-U.S. companies
  • Sales representatives and agents
  • Employment law (federal and state)
  • Immigration law
  • Supplier and customer contracts
  • U.S. business acquisitions
  • U.S. joint ventures
  • Customs, duties, and tariffs
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Antitrust
  • Owning and leasing facilities in the United States

“We want to strengthen our clients’ confidence as they enter into the most complex economy of the world by providing straightforward explanations of the most common legal issues they may need to address in their early encounters with the U.S. legal system,” said Susan Altman, co-editor of the guidebook.

K&L Gates has one of the largest platforms of U.S. offices of any law firm in the world. Through its fully integrated network of nearly 25 offices across the United States and an additional 20+ throughout the world, the firm offers local market knowledge and access to both national and international legal capabilities. In addition to the areas discussed in the guidebook, K&L Gates also provides international clients with advice and counsel on such legal matters as commercial transactions, litigation and arbitration, governmental relations, real estate development and finance, estate planning, and trade.

Co-editor John Allison commented: “We are delighted to continue our long-standing tradition of providing practical legal advice to companies entering the U.S. market with this updated version of the guidebook. Many of our clients have come to rely upon the guidebook as they engage with the many challenges of the U.S. legal system.”