Climate Action Needs Arts

30 Agustus 2023

By Nick Nuttall
BONN, Germany, Aug 29 2023 (IPS-Partners)

Environmental issues have been my life’s career. But music has also been important.

Arts can shift societal perspectives on tough topics.

Nick Nuttall

Just Because Some Bad Wind Blows is my new album’s title song. It starts with a dystopian future, flips to a more upbeat guitar solo and imagines a future where we solved (most) of climate change, “because (humanity) we choose to”.
NoSecrets wonders why intelligent people can’t see the sustainability writing on the wall and suggests they are blinded by consumerism and vanity—with consequences!

Hometown is about Rochdale, North England. Like many northern towns, it boomed under the industrial revolution. But now is lifeless. Let’s down-size it back to a village, keep some fine buildings and transform the land back to nature.

Just Because Some Bad Wind Blows, released on Reptiphon Records May 5, 2023 is available at


Nick Nuttall was the Director of Communications for two UN agencies– the UN Environment headquartered in Nairobi and UNFCCC in Bonn. Nick the official spokesperson for the Paris Climate Agreement and today is a presenter on We Don’t Have Time