Carbon Quarterly – Volume 8

2 Mei 2024

Carbon Quarterly is a newsletter covering developments in carbon policy, law, and innovation. No matter your views on climate change policy, there is no avoiding an increasing focus on carbon regulation, resiliency planning, and energy efficiency at nearly every level of government and business. Changes in carbon—and more broadly greenhouse gas—policies have the potential to broadly impact our lives and livelihoods. Carbon Quarterly offers a rundown of attention-worthy developments.


Carbon Policy
  • Department of Energy Sued Over Crypto Mining Data Collection
  • How Much Carbon Does One Carbon Credit Hold?
  • States Respond to the Timber Tax Gap
  • Washington State Approves Carbon Market Linkage With California-Quebec
  • California Provides Grant to Citrus Growers in Support of Healthy Soils
  • Washington Department of Natural Resources Designates 10,000 Acres of Forestland for Inclusion in Carbon Markets
  • USDA Hits Another Milestone in Implementation of the Growing Climate Solutions Act
  • DOE Issues Challenge to Buy Carbon Credits
Carbon Litigation
  • Class Action Over “Carbon Neutral” Water Bottles Moves Forward
  • Delta Airlines Sued for “Greenwashing”
  • Forest Service in Lawsuit Defending Its Accounting for Carbon in National Forest System Projects
Carbon Trading and Investment
  • CFTC Issues Proposed Guidance Regarding the Listing of Voluntary Carbon Credit Derivative Contracts
  • ISDA Publishes Version 2.0 of Its Verified Carbon Credit Definitions
  • Climate Smart Investment Fund Seeks Environmental and Financial Returns for Investors
  • The Largest Private Landowner Enters the Carbon Credit Market
  • World’s Largest Carbon Removal Facility Begins Operations
Carbon Spotlight
  • SEC Finalizes Climate Disclosure Rule, Scraps Scope 3 Emissions