Facilitation Techniques in Negotiations

27 January 2023 Blogsphere / Latest News 0 Comment

In organizational work involving multiple parties, including conflict resolution, facilitation, discussion and negotiation work is commonplace, including at CRU. In order to run in an orderly, smooth and purposeful manner, a discussion and negotiation is usually guided by a facilitator. The facilitator will help oversee the discussion so that it […]

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Good Faith and Intentions: The Key to Mediation

27 December 2022 Blogsphere / Latest News / Newsfeed 0 Comment

Dear friends, we often get the question “what are the main prerequisites that must be met for the feasibility of an effort to manage conflict through mediation?” And how to fulfill those prerequisites to make the conflict resolution process more effective? There are many prerequisites that must be met and […]

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Representation of the Parties in Mediated Negotiation Processes

2 December 2022 Blogsphere / Latest News / Newsfeed 0 Comment

Representatives of the conflicting parties are required in each mediation of agrarian or natural wealth conflicts. Representation is necessary since the conflicts are generally concerning the interests of various parties whose number can be quite large, while it is practically impossible to involve them directly in negotiations. Representatives who are […]

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Conflict Resolution Is Not Providing Instant Solutions

31 October 2022 Blogsphere / Latest News 0 Comment

When dealing with conflicts over land and natural resources, CRU is often faced with an assumption that we, who come as the organizers of conflict resolution initiatives, are also providers of solutions that can solve problems for the conflicting parties. Our fellow mediators who work with us in the field […]

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The Span and Depth of the Mediator’s Role

27 September 2022 Blogsphere / Latest News 0 Comment

It is indisputable that the role of the mediator in the process of conflict resolution through mediation is crucial. However, one question that comes up is, what is the extent of the role of a mediator or mediation agency in a conflict resolution process? This is a question that we […]

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Mediator as a Profession?

27 August 2022 Blogsphere / Latest News 0 Comment

When mediation is believed to be an alternative worthy of consideration as an effective method of handling agrarian and natural resource conflicts, the availability of reliable and qualified mediators is a must. However, although several institutions have conducted training for mediators, currently the actual number and capacity of mediators are […]

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Reporting Conflicts in a Targeted Manner

28 July 2022 Blogsphere / Latest News / Newsfeed 0 Comment

We could certainly agree that if there is a conflict and the conflict becomes an obstacle to production, whether it is farming by communities or plantation production activities by companies, the conflict must be dealt with immediately. Regardless the production activity, the results will be more optimal if those could […]

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Addressing Conflicts in the Agrarian Reform Agenda

27 June 2022 Blogsphere / Latest News 0 Comment

In June of this year, the issue of agrarian reform was frequently cited in the media in connection with the event of the 2022 GTRA Summit which was held on June 8 – 10, 2022 at Marina Togo Mowondu, Wakatobi Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province. This summit meeting had been awaited for […]

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Community Facilitator Organizations in Agrarian and Natural Resource Conflicts Advocacy, Mediation, Spokesperson, or Facilitator?

24 May 2022 Blogsphere / Latest News / Newsfeed 0 Comment

While handling agrarian and natural resource conflicts, CRU often interacts with community facilitators. In most cases, the facilitators are not local residents, but people from outside the area who came to facilitate the community in a community empowerment program or project. The field facilitators assist the community the processes of […]

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Why We Need Representatives in Negotiations/Mediation?

26 April 2022 Blogsphere / Latest News / Newsfeed 0 Comment

When a land and natural resource conflict erupts and will soon be resolved, often a government agency or a non-governmental organization initiates deliberations or negotiations and invites the parties to directly begin negotiations. The parties immediately sent their representatives. Who are those representatives? In a simple dispute there is no […]

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