Conflict Resolution and Climate Change

23 November 2021 Blogsphere / Latest News 0 Comment

November 2021 opened with an important issue for global collective efforts to address climate change; the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP 26). The conference concluded with the approval of the Glasgow Climate Pact on how countries could achieve a limit to a maximum temperature increase of 1.5oC higher than […]

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Maintaining Neutrality in Mediating Conflicts Marred with Injustice?

23 October 2021 Blogsphere / Latest News 0 Comment

How does CRU, which promotes conflict resolution through mediation, where neutrality and impartiality are key requirements, deal with undeniable injustice? This critical question is frequently asked to CRU. Moreover, this question is sometimes conveyed in a blaming tone, as if by claiming to be a neutral party, CRU is helping […]

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The Short Way or the Long Way to the End? The Key Role of Assessment in Conflict Management

22 September 2021 Blogsphere / Latest News 0 Comment

Both partners and parties to a conflict often question the conflict resolution process pursued by the CRU. They imagine that CRU would deploy commandos to bring together the conflicting parties into the mediation process, and abracadabra the conflict is resolved. Hence, the conflict resolution process promoted by CRU, which includes […]

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Sungai Kelaru,Kalimantan Tengah

COVID 19 as a Game Changer in Handling Agrarian Conflicts during a Pandemic

24 August 2021 Blogsphere / Latest News 0 Comment

Agrarian conflicts have become inevitable in current growth-oriented development in Indonesia. In fact, when the pandemic of COVID-19 broke out and social restriction policies were implemented as a key strategy to stop the spread of COVID-19, this contributes to the contraction of the economy at various levels. The economic downturn […]

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Jamboree of Mediator

23 August 2019 Blogsphere 0 Comment

What’s on your mind when you hear the word Jamboree? Scout? Boy scout? Nothing wrong, Jamboree is indeed closely related to the activities of scouts. Wikipedia website refers to the word Jamboree in the activities of scout gatherers in the a large campsite. The scale of this meeting is involves […]

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Mentaya Sweet, the sweet one who takes care of the forest

29 May 2019 Blogsphere 0 Comment

Mediation documentation travel notes. “The main thing is that we look for those who make people busy and produce first, they will not enter the forest by themselves”, Hirason told about the beginning of Mentaya Sweet, organic coconut sugar produced by the Coconut Sugar Training Center, Basawang village, Teluk Sampit, […]

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