Vision & Mission

CRU’s Vision

To become an institution that provides effective, independent and reliable support for the resolution of agrarian conflicts and natural wealth management towards equitable, sustainable and inclusive development.

CRU’s Mission

  1. Establish an independent institution to resolve agrarian conflicts and natural wealth management in Indonesia, with strong legal and institutional support from the Government, to improve the land-based investment climate by addressing human rights and social justice issues, and ensuring effective environmental protection;
  2. Building strong constituent support and legitimacy for the CRU as a reliable conflict resolution agency in mediating tenurial conflict cases at the site level and mediating the implementation of national policies, by increasing awareness of the importance of conflict resolution;
  3. Build credibility and legitimacy by enhancing and strengthening the existing CRU management system to effectively deal with large, complex, multi-stakeholder cases, especially those involving public policy conflicts and cases of national interest; and,
  4. Develop a knowledge management system to increase the capacity of mediators, policy makers, and stakeholders, through documentation, publication of papers, training, internships, and advocacy for the wider community using digital-based technology, as an effort to mainstream agrarian conflict resolution and natural resources.