Community Facilitator Organizations in Agrarian and Natural Resource Conflicts Advocacy, Mediation, Spokesperson, or Facilitator?

24 May 2022 Blogsphere / Latest News / Newsfeed 0 Comment

While handling agrarian and natural resource conflicts, CRU often interacts with community facilitators. In most cases, the facilitators are not local residents, but people from outside the area who came to facilitate the community in a community empowerment program or project. The field facilitators assist the community the processes of […]

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Why We Need Representatives in Negotiations/Mediation?

26 April 2022 Blogsphere / Latest News / Newsfeed 0 Comment

When a land and natural resource conflict erupts and will soon be resolved, often a government agency or a non-governmental organization initiates deliberations or negotiations and invites the parties to directly begin negotiations. The parties immediately sent their representatives. Who are those representatives? In a simple dispute there is no […]

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A Geospatial Perspective in Handling Agrarian Conflicts

30 March 2022 Blogsphere / Latest News / Newsfeed 0 Comment

The first step in any effort to handle agrarian conflicts is to understand well the object of the conflict. For this reason, geospatial analysis is one of the tools used by the CRU in every conflict to provides geospatial information in the form of the location of the object of […]

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A Conflict Sensitive Approach in Realizing the G20 Agenda

10 March 2022 Blogsphere / Latest News / Newsfeed 0 Comment

The year 2022 started with news about the election of Indonesia to hold the Presidency of G20. This is very meaningful because the G20 is a multilateral forum consisting of 19 major countries and the European Union (EU) which represents more than 60% of the world’s population, 75% of global […]

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How Can Peace Agreements Be Implemented and Lasting?

25 January 2022 Blogsphere / Latest News / Newsfeed 0 Comment

If we ask the mediators, what is the measure of success for mediation or negotiation? One of the common answers is to reach a peace agreement, and perhaps an agreement to cooperate. The answer is certainly not wrong. However, CRU found, after going through the mediation process and the parties […]

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