CRU’s governance structure consists of a Steering Committee (SC), an Executive Team (ET), a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), and an Independent Institution Building Committee (IIBC)

Steering Committee (SC)

Shinta Widjaja Kamdani


Clayton Allen Wenas


Muhammad Said


Larry A. Fisher


Executive Team (ET)

Arief Wicaksono


Arief Wicaksono has served as Director of the Conflict Resolution Unit since September 2018. However, Arief has been involved in the CRU development process through strategic planning activities, capacity building processes and project improvement plans (PIP). Arief has more than 25 years of experience in policies related to land and natural resource management, Strategic Environmental Studies (KLHS) and strengthening the capacity of local communities in managing their environment.

As the director of the CRU, Arief led the process of institutional independence of the CRU, which begins with the preparation of a road map and the design of the establishment of an independent land and natural resource conflict resolution agency.

Ilya M. Moeliono

Senior Advisor

Ilya Moeliono has more than 20 years of experience working in the development project. This includes participatory action research, conflict resolution, participatory planning and networking in Indonesia. Ilya graduated from Cornell University with a thesis focused on conflict resolution management. He is involved in the publication of several publications on the topics of natural resource management, conflict management and participatory approaches.

Ilya serves as Senior Advisor in the Conflict Resolution Unit.

Falatehan Zainy

Program Manager

Faletehan Zainy graduated from the Master of Civil Engineering program in Construction Engineering, Syiah Kuala University. Usually called Aan. Aan has pursued a career as a program officer in several international development agencies such as UNICEF and UNDP as well as other civil organizations. Prior to joining the Conflict Resolution Unit (CRU), Aan was actively involved in implementing REDD+ projects in Indonesia from institutional preparation to the establishment of the REDD+ Management Agency.

At CRU, Aan acts as a program manager who is responsible for the implementation of the CRU program.

Beatrice M. Mailoa

Operations Manager

Beatrice or called Mella occupies a position as a Operations Manager ¬†at CRU. Mella is responsible for processing financial transactions from start to finish, including financial reporting for donors. Mella has more than 8 years of experience in finance and has worked in various organizations including banks, NGOs and private companies. Mella holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from University of Hasanuddin, Makassar.

Ginanjar Tamimy

Engagement & Cooperation Manager

Ginanjar has an interest in conflict studies from students. Precisely when he finished his studies in the Department of Sociology, Gadjah Mada University.

Prior to joining CRU-IBCSD, Ginanjar pursued a career and gained 9 years of field experience in the business world in three different fields, namely oil and gas, palm oil and coal. At CRU, Ginanjar will oversee the process of engagement and communication with CRU partners regarding the implementation of the CRU program.

Rinawati Eko

Senior Staf for Knowledge Management

Graduated from The Gadjah Mada Graduate School, majoring in Environmental Science program, Rina studied science-based knowledge management and communication for social change. Prior to joining CRU, Rina pursued a career in international development agencies, communication agencies and companies for 10 years. Rina is also active in several community activities, especially those related to the environment and sports.

Laras Novalia

Administrative Specialist

Prior to joining IBCSD, Laras worked at Akar Foundation Bengkulu. She has also been involved in several socio-cultural research projects for the Rejang Tribe in Bengkulu Province.

Laras holds a Bachelor’s degree in Indonesian Language and Literature from Bengkulu University.

Independent Institution Building Committee

Sarwono Kusumaatmadja


Usep Setiawan
Ridha Saleh
Kamala Chandrakirana
Suraya Afiff
Joko Tri Haryanto
Ngurah Ari Bebasari

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

Rezal Kusumaatmadja


Agung Wiyono
Larry A. Fisher
Farah Sofa
Ichsan Malik
Tiur Rumondang
Ahmad Zazali
Tony Budidjaja
Indah Budiani