An Expression of Gratitude from CRU: Building Sustainability Together

22 December 2023 Blogsphere / Latest News / Newsfeed 0 Comment

CRU has been working to develop and strengthen its institutional foundations, in order that in the upcoming years it can contribute, although small and limited, yet meaningful in the great effort of handling land and natural resource conflicts in development.  We have been supported by various parties in this effort. […]

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Challenges of Handling Conflict During Elections

28 November 2023 Blogsphere / Latest News / Newsfeed 0 Comment

Amid the frenzied wave of elections, where the public spotlight is on the political stage, behind the scenes, the problems of land conflicts and exploitation of natural resources continue to simmer in the background. In addition to the big question of the relevance of elections with so many problems and […]

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Mediation and Structural Inequality

7 November 2023 Blogsphere / Latest News / Newsfeed 0 Comment

In our capacity as an organization dedicated to addressing land and natural resource conflicts in Indonesia, with a focus on promoting dialogue and collaboration through mediation, we have received inquiries from multiple stakeholders regarding the feasibility of our approach. Specifically, concerns have been raised regarding the effectiveness of mediation in […]

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Challenges in Sharing Lessons Learned from Handling Agrarian and Natural Resources Conflicts from the Local to the Upstream Level

8 September 2023 Blogsphere / Latest News / Newsfeed 0 Comment

In development efforts, especially in the management of agrarian and natural resources, conflict is inevitable. It is evident that this is a hindrance to the progression of the development process as a whole. Numerous attempts have been made to address these conflicts, and one of the models of conflict resolution […]

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Adequate Data for Initial Conflict Reporting

31 July 2023 Blogsphere / Latest News / Newsfeed 0 Comment

Data is of paramount importance in tackling agrarian and natural resource conflicts. It constitutes the foundation of the information to be included in a conflict grievance report. The presence of adequate data, which has been sufficiently verified, will assist the concerned parties, mediators, and relevant authorities in comprehending the dispute […]

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Personal and Institutional Relations in Handling Land and Natural Resource Conflicts in Indonesia

30 April 2023 Blogsphere / Latest News / Newsfeed 0 Comment

CRU found that one of the factors influencing efforts to address land and natural resource conflicts in Indonesia is the quality of the relationship between the conflict management organization and the parties to the conflict and the government agencies that have authority over the conflict being addressed. Often, conflict resolution […]

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Facilitation Techniques in Negotiations

27 January 2023 Blogsphere / Latest News 0 Comment

In organizational work involving multiple parties, including conflict resolution, facilitation, discussion and negotiation work is commonplace, including at CRU. In order to run in an orderly, smooth and purposeful manner, a discussion and negotiation is usually guided by a facilitator. The facilitator will help oversee the discussion so that it […]

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Representation of the Parties in Mediated Negotiation Processes

27 November 2022 Blogsphere / Latest News / Newsfeed 0 Comment

Representatives of the conflicting parties are required in each mediation of agrarian or natural wealth conflicts. Representation is necessary since the conflicts are generally concerning the interests of various parties whose number can be quite large, while it is practically impossible to involve them directly in negotiations. Representatives who are […]

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Effective Negotiations in the Mediation Process of Land and Natural Resource Conflicts

24 November 2022 Latest News / Newsfeed 0 Comment

Conflict over land and natural resources is an important problem faced in Indonesia. The cause of the emergence of conflicts in the management of natural resources is the wealth of natural resources and the increasingly limited carrying capacity of the environment. In addition, it is also caused by inequality in […]

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Conflict Resolution Is Not Providing Instant Solutions

31 October 2022 Blogsphere / Latest News 0 Comment

When dealing with conflicts over land and natural resources, CRU is often faced with an assumption that we, who come as the organizers of conflict resolution initiatives, are also providers of solutions that can solve problems for the conflicting parties. Our fellow mediators who work with us in the field […]

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